Enchanted Nymph jewellery is made up of architectural and nature inspired pieces.


A well-being collection aimed at anyone who finds themselves feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. The concept behind the designs is based on grounding techniques found in mindfulness, providing pieces that appeal to individual preferences be it smell or touch.

Smell braceletSmell ringSmell pendant

The ‘Smell’ pieces contain an absorbent medium to hold the lavender scent associated with relaxation and a calming effect. There is a perforated lid to keep the contents inside while making it possible to smell the calming lavender. The lid is set on a rivet to allow access to the tube when the lavender scent needs topping up
Touch necklaceTouch cuffTouch cuff 2

Our tactile pieces have been designed to bring the wearer to the present. When items are curved, it is easy to tune out of the world and touch them absent-mindedly. With this in mind, these pieces have been designed with straight edges and angles with additional pieces soldered to the surface to create an additional level. This unexpected change in direction and level helps to bring the wearer back to the moment.


A collection of simple, delicate geometric pieces that will bring a touch of elegance to any outfit.


reticulated square studsTriangle studs3Square swirl studsSwirl triangle studsStar rectangle earrings 22. Triangle earrings 10b28. Triangle necklace31. V necklace29. Triangle necklace27. Square necklace 224. triangle necklace23. Triangle earrings 11

Ocean Inspired Statement Collection

Currently Available at Manchester Art Gallery

11. Seahorse49. Seahorse cuff8. Fish cuff 27. Fish cuff 1 12. seaweed necklace26. fin necklace3. 3 fish necklace2. 3 fish necklace 2 Shark cuff links13. Tie pincopper fishbrass fishcopper fish 2brass crab2copper crab

Woodland Collection

A collection of nature inspired pieces

   Forget me not 12 necklaceoak studsFlower dangle earringsMulti leaf necklaceForget me not studs14. Oak Earrings18. Leaf necklace 217. Leaf earrings 1420. Leaf necklace 416. Leaf earrings 415. Oak ring21. Leaf ring13. toadstool312. toadstool cuff211. Toadstool cuff8.Blue bell necklace


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Enchanted Nymph is a boutique jewellery business, established in 2015.  Our pieces are influenced by the world around us, be it architectural design or the natural world.  We strive to create unique pieces that you will love.

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